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My latest project is a collection of poems for children which feature artist Anastasia Semenova



Soft rain

A moist caress

The lullaby of water



Hard rain

A wet punch

The roaring wave thrashing



Sporadic Rain

A sudden jab

The peace of Rainbows



No Rain

A dry earth

The crackling of nature

I recently saw a Facebook post about “THE SKINNY”

It’s a poetic form that follows this format.

1) eleven lines
2) second, sixth, and tenth lines are identical.
3) all lines are one word, except the first and last, which may be longer, but must use the same words (rearranging is permitted.)


The following is based on a bible verse.  Can you figure out which one?












I am a Rhyme


I can’t believe that I’m not real

I have a voice yet cannot squeal

Stanza’s grouped in metered rhyme

Filled with stories, throughout time


When I rhyme, my voice is singing

Words on ends of lines are ringing

Truth be told, there’s lots to say

When I write poems to end the day


Alliterations play with beginning sounds

On garbled, grunting, gregarious grounds

An ending rhyme will all sound the same

The scheme of each may be a different game


A B A B A B A or  A A B B C C A

All the endings are at play

When rhyming scheme

Is what you say


Meter is the beat of rhyme

All your words should stay in time

Clapping while you read each word

Should help the music that is heard


But not all poems rhyme

They may be

Sonic and crash

Lovely and shy

Quiet and flowing

Like butterflies dancing

Emotionally dripping

Tearful candles sadly weeping

To write is to feel


Copyright - Sonja McGiboney 3-2-2020

I’m a Choco’holic


Bouncing around is my big, bubbly belly

It flops up and down like a huge bowl of jelly

My hips are size ten but my belly size humongous

“Stop eating chocolate!”  Now, that is outrageous


You are what you eat and I eat a lot

Of sweet dark confections some even with nuts

Though my belly grows larger with each tasty bite

My sweetness grows too and it just feels so right


Chocolate is versatile I’ll give you that

Doesn’t matter the vessel, it’s still full of fat

But what of the euphoria from that tiny peace

I’ll times it by twenty though my weight will increase


I know eating chocolate will make me a cow

I’d love to quit, but don’t really know how

I’ve tried for a day to eat bananas and berries

But the monster unleashed is incredibly scary


It’s fatty, it’s sugary, I know it’s bad

When I think of these things it makes me feel sad


It’s taste and it’s texture combines on all fronts

It makes me so happy and that’s what I want

Copyright - Sonja McGiboney 3/2020


I live in a rural area

But still, I don’t depart

I don’t need an order from anyone

As fear has hold my heart


My daughter returned from Europe

Earlier than she planned

She ran from all the countries

That were closing up their lands


She asked if she could stay here

Quarantined inside our home

But she heard my hesitation

Its weight felt like a tome


This virus has seeped into our lives

And separated family

It creeps as silent as the night

Is gruesome and is deadly


Though I cannot hug my daughter

Nor see my wonderful son

Nor watch my daughter-in-law graduate

Nor get hugs from anyone


I hold dear the hope that coming soon

Will be days when the virus dies

So me, my husband and family

Can continue with our lives.


‘Till then I stay a hermit

Inside my home secluded

With tiny jaunts into the woods

Until this is concluded


By Sonja McGiboney


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