Many a night I would tell stories to my children.  Often, I would let them fill in the gaps. Once upon a time there was a ........who lived in a ...................  We had such a fun time making up plots and magical places.  

     Now, with my children all growed up and out on their own, I find myself making up stories but have nobody to tell them to.  I write them down and one day will share them with you.  

     These stories are not yet published, but I hope they will be soon.  Below is a short story I wrote today.  

Joey’s New Book

By Sonja McGiboney

Copyright 3/25/2020


       Once upon a time, a long time ago……

       “Why did you stop reading?” ask a wide eyed Joey.

       Mom raked her fingers through her hair. They had been quarantined for nearly 8 days now yet Joey always wanted to read the same old book. “Joey,” she said, “could we read a different book?”

     “No, I want to read this one.”

     Mom picked up a new book they had gotten from the library before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. In a persuasive voice she said, “What about this one?  It has magic and adventure and it will take you to places you’ve never been!”

     Joey crossed his arms and harrumphed, “But I don’t want to go anywhere. I like it right here, with you.”

     “I like it here with you too, Joey, but don’t you want to read something different?  Something new?”

     “I like the ending in my book. I don’t know where the new book will end. It could be scary.”

     “How about if I read it first and then let you know if it is scary or not?”

     “Okay, but can we read my book after?”

     Mom smiled and said, “Sure, we can read your book after this one.”

     Mom scanned the new book, smiled and gave a thumbs up.  She started reading the new book. Joey listened and laughed and enjoyed it a lot. His eyes were drooping and Mom said, “Hey, honey, you are so sleepy, can we just go to bed?”

     “No, we have to read my book.”

     “Why do we need to read your book again?”
     “Because, It makes me happy and I love it like I love you.”

     “Well then, I can’t argue with love."

     Mom began to read, "Once upon a time, a long time ago……”

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